“Poor Me” Mentality

I stared at my feet as the lady in front of me at the checkout line was screeching at the staff, in a pitch I thought was only achievable by a pterodactyl.

I was trying to mind my own business, but I couldn’t stop watching the pulsing vein in her temple on her red face as she berated the staff.

“Why don’t you have my order ready!? How could you run out of that?! Are you trying to ruin my day!?”

“You, you, you!” she was screaming as they tried to explain what was going on and work to help her.

As painful as this was to witness, it was more gut-wrenching to realize that I have seen this type of victim or blame-game mentality many times before.

I’ve even seen it (cue palm to face) with my own children.

Fetal Pain & Pleasure

The decision to terminate pregnancy has, of late, has been focused on whether an unborn child feels pain as it is killed in the womb. Understandably, many pro-abortion opinions would like to salve their conscience with the belief that the unborn child experiences nothing. The abortionist’s ultrasounds that have made it out of their “procedure” room demonstrate an unborn child trying to move away and escape his killing instruments, contrary to those arguments.

Is fetal pain real?

Dr. Jaime on 2020

Dr. Jaime on 2020 2020 was a year of change for everyone around the world. For us, at Storybook Pediatrics, it brought both planned and unplanned changes. In January, our founding physician, Dr. Ron Smith retired from general pediatrics. Fortunately, he established...