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1. Speak to one of our office staff by phone (678-583-9071) to make sure you understand payment policies. We do take a number of insurances, of course, but we still do require you leave a credit card on file for care not covered. Regrettably, we cannot accept medicaid. Here is the office contact information.

Storybook Pediatrics
130 Enterprise Pkwy
McDonough, GA 30253
678-583-9071 (phone)
678-583-9319 (fax)

2. Patients of Storybook Pediatrics must be seen for regular checkups. This is not an option, and is becoming a contract requirement by insurance companies. If this is something you cannot accept then we are probably not a good fit for you. We believe it is good pediatric practice and reduces the number of sick visits. We love our patients and our parents, but if your child does not need to be seen in the office, then we don’t want you to be here. We do  not look at patients as copays on our counter. We want our kids to be healthy and well.

3. Storybook Pediatrics is a strong proponent of vaccines. We have created a Vaccine Education Course for this reason. Parents who choose to forego vaccines or alter their recommended schedule must pass that course quiz. This is not punitive, but assures us that you are making an educated choice. Listen to this introduction.

4. Our trained nurse advisors and care coordinators are available for questions regarding vaccines, sick child questions, and all other health questions. They occupy the middle office and this is what they do. They are available by phone and email.

5. Office labs are not intended as supplemental charges on your office bill. We follow sound medical practice and have invested thousands of dollars in the best equipment for our patients. Here are the routine analyses that we do.

Hearing and Vision Testing. Good pediatric care will catch hearing and vision deficits that can be addressed and hopefully treated early. Dr. Smith, our founding physician, has had a hearing deficit since childhood, so he understands how important hearing screening is. Our vision screening equipment cost several thousands of dollars and has caught many eye problems that the pediatric ophthalmologists need to treat early. (See the tab “Why We Do Vision Screening” and watch the short video so you’ll know what to expect.)

Urinalysis. This is the most cost-effective lab we do. There are a host of issues from infection to blood in the urine that can be identified. All medical providers for all ages, do urine testing for various reasons.

Complete Blood Count. Many offices only do simple hemoglobin checks for anemia. We feel children need more. But we also know that our technology needs to use finger sticks and not blood draws into tubes as for adults. We have a full CBC counting machine that can run tests on fingerstick blood samples. We use it for both sick and well care. Costing tens of thousands of dollars, it is the most expensive lab instrument in our office. It is equipment comparable to that used in urgent cares and hospitals.


We strongly believe that children should have their vaccinations. But we also realize that parents should have the right to refuse vaccines. This is a right guaranteed by our Constitution, in our opinion.

Nevertheless, we require two things of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.

1. Prior a child being accepted as a patient, non-vaccinating parents must complete our online vaccine education course and pass the quiz at the end. The exam can be retaken until one obtains a passing grade. Listen to the course introduction.

2. Parents who still choose not to vaccinate must sign the mandatory vaccine waiver every time we see them for check-ups where they refuse immunizations.

These are not punitive actions. Rather, we have found that many people really don’t understand what vaccines are and the repercussions of their decision.

The waiver is our record that you have chosen not to vaccinate and holds us legally harmless for injury as a result of your choice to forego vaccines.