OCD Screen


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Screening

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Does your child (or you)

1. Often obsess over one thing or idea and is unable to “let it go” no matter what?
2.a Have to reach a “perfect” level when writing/drawing before moving on?
2.b * Does this ever affect completion of school work/task in a timely manner?
3. Want things in your room/desk/area a certain way and become extremely agitated if items are moved or changed?
4. Have sensory issues around food textures, clothing, etc that affects your day?
5. Want strict routines and become irritable if the expected is deviated or changed?
6. Have a “my way or the highway” personality and get upset if others do not do things their way? Ex. Follow their scenarios, play with or bother their toys, etc.
7. Have certain habits or rituals (such as lining up/sorting items, counting, needing to touch things, etc.) they may need to repeat or do routinely?
8. Pick their skin or pull out their hair?
9. Hoard objects?
10. Need to know everything in advance and in detail or you become agitated and ask questions over and over?
11. Get upset if they start to tell someone something and they are interrupted? Do they “need” to complete the thought and start over or get agitated?
12. If you answered YES to any of the behaviors mentioned above, do any or all take up at least an hour of your day or cause stress and interfere with daily life or social activities?